Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Does anyone really want to run a grocery store here (See here and here.)?  Remember when Safeway and American Stores ran stores here and then shut them all down (although American Stores maintained its corporate headquarters here and even built a new building, which it then abandoned when it sold out to Albertsons, which then sold to Supervalu, which has now sold to Associated Foods, and I think I'm getting dizzy)?

Anyway, Supervalu is dealing the stores it recently acquired in its Albertsons acquisition to Associated Foods, which is a co-op consisting of Ream's, Winegar's, Kent's, and Harmons and operates Macey's, Dan's, Lin's, and Dick's Market.  The deal involves 36 stores and will boost Associated's number of company-owned stores from 22 to 58.

I don't mind the transfer itself.  I've always done most of my shopping at Associated's stores, so this isn't going to change my habits.  My concern is that a number of these sites have to be in direct conflict with the member's stores.  Think about that laundry list in the previous paragraph and how many have an Albertsons close by.  I'm wondering how long this will last before members start pressing for closures.  Any way I look at it, I see more dark grocery stores in my crystal ball.

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