Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The News from Sun Crest

Just in time for Winter, things are heating up on the ridge. Raddon Brothers Construction and Ball Ventures are willing to buy the development from Zions Bank if Draper will assure them they can build if a geologist greenlights it. Small problem with that: several geologists have already redlighted it. So how is it all to be sorted out among the duelling geological experts? Pistols at dawn?

This assurance demand is exactly backward and is the reason this mess happened to begin with. Draper should be demanding assurances that the project can be completed. At the top of the list should be geologic feasibility. The developers need to prove that land can support further development (and ultimately that they can support it). As I've said for over 20 years, high-slope developments don't need geologist/geotech studies; they need backing in the form of geologist/geotech liability insurance being on the line. Or serious bonding. Either way, someone is putting skin in the game. Someone other than Draper taxpayers and homebuyers who thought they were getting a properly approved piece of real estate.

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