Thursday, August 06, 2009

When It Falls Over?

And the answer is, "This is the day the Odd Fellows Hall will be moved into place."

The federal courts want to expand to take up the entire half-block along 400 South between Main and West Temple.  Rather than tear the historic Odd Fellows Hall down, though, it was decided to move it across Pierpont Avenue.  But having been jacked up and spun around, it's been sitting on its cribs and beams for a couple of months, waiting for the general contractor, Layton Construction, and the moving sub, Emmert International, to sort out a payment dispute.  That can't be good for a building that's 118 years old and could easily disintegrate into a pile of rubble, thereby mooting the issue.  In the mean time, the court project is on hold.

The thing I find peculiar here is that this is a GSA project.  I would venture to say that every GSA project I've been associated with required the general to post a performance bond.  Why isn't there one on this project?  And if there is, why hasn't it been called to get this project off the dime?  And why haven't any of the media reporting on this thought to ask these questions?

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