Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Collection Calls Get Real

As a bankruptcy and reorganization attorney, I'm used to collection calls and how nasty and intrusive they can get.  Today may top them all though.  I'm riding the elevator in the City Library, and suddenly the speaker for the emergency phone system starts ringing.  Then a female robo-voice starts going through the FDCPA spiel and then requests that the recipient contact them at whatever number.  All sorts of questions came to mind.  I can't believe this system is a regular phone line, so how did a borrower get a number on it?  And how did the borrower then manage to foist it on a lender?  And how has the lender never caught on?

During the course of over 30 years of practice, I have seen very few loans that didn't involve stupid or crooked.  Frequently they involve both, and on both sides.  That's why I don't work up a load of moral outrage such as is often seen from both lender and borrower sides.  I'm like Joe Friday: Just the facts, ma'am.  I'll leave the crusading to the true believers.

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