Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No Gondola in Ogden

So the Ogden city council has thrown a monkey wrench in Chris Peterson's development plans up by the Mount Ogden Golf Course. The council doesn't like how the proposal will reduce open space and public access to the mountains.

I need to make a disclaimer. I represent people involved in this project. If it goes through, they make money, and consequently I make money.

I must say this problem has not suddenly cropped up. It's been present from the beginning of the project, so Mayor Matthew Godfrey's volte-face may seem disingenuous at first glance. There has been a major change since the mayor first backed the plan, though: Weber State has refused to sell any of its land to the project. It seems WSU is expecting to expand and is running out of room to do so. Taking this plan back to the drawing board has been inevitable since WSU said, "No."

This project is still workable. Salt Lake County has permitted plenty of development on the bench while protecting trail access. And the project has a definite ace in the hole: let's face it, gondolas are fun.


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