Friday, August 14, 2009

Well, We're Gaining Ground in Something

We're No. 5!  We're No. 5!

Yes, Utah is now fifth in the nation in foreclosures per capita.  I knew there was only so long we could hide all the distressed properties in the peculiarities of local culture.  The troubles are busting out everywhere now.  The Draper Bench is a sea of REO.  I think they should change SunCrest's name back to Widow Maker because there must be a bunch of angry housewives up there ready to kill their high roller husbands.  There are several other such choice areas around the valley, St. George is a train wreck, and from what I can gather here, so is Heber.

Anybody who thinks this market has bottomed is drinking Realtor Kool-Aid.

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