Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And when Draper DOES get it right...

...people just complain. TRAX is coming to Draper, and the city government amazingly has decided to actually plan for it, as opposed to simply paving a quarter-section for parking the way Sandy did across from Jordan High School. TRAX will run on the old, Union Pacific granger line that used to serve the egg farms in Draper, and the city wants to plan mixed use development to encourage and take advantage of pedestrian traffic around the new station. And people are screaming bloody murder because the city is encouraging trains in their back yards.

In my not so humble opinion, the NIMBYs can pound sand. First, I grew up on a Union Pacific main line, and I sincerely doubt the experience scarred me too severely. Second, when you build your McMansion next to existing railroad tracks, you'd better not whine when the owner decides to run a train down those tracks. Finally, TRAX is coming, and it has to go somewhere. The proposal to run it down State Street is laughable. There's no room, and the 12300 South intersection is enough of a mess without adding trains.

Get used to the trains, people. The folks who lived on the egg farms your pseudo-stucco structures replaced did.


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