Tuesday, November 04, 2008

SunCrest, Round 112

The city and the proposed substitute developer for SunCrest, R&B SunCrest (a joint venture of Raddon Development and Ball Ventures), are in discussions about what to do with the Mess on the Hill. The sticking point of course is who gets to fix the roads, which each side pointing the finger at the other. Draper is talking tough, but everybody knows its foundation is about as solid as those roads up there. Draper's threat postures are ultimately toothless because it needs a substitute developer a whole lot more than R&B needs to be that substitute. Developers can walk away, but in the end those roads are in Draper and have to be dealt with. Perhaps we should have a pool on how long it takes the city to cave in.

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We Have a New President

In the interest of full disclosure, I voted for Obama. However you may have voted, you have to acknowledge that this is historic. I remember when Blacks were beaten and killed for trying to vote. Now we've elected a Black president. If that isn't historic, nothing is.